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Knowledge Transfer

Need to get up to speed as quickly as possible ? While the Cookbook covers the basic Flash concepts and provides examples on how to perform the most common tasks there is still quite a bit to learn particularly the techniques that make applications more modular and easy to maintain or upgrade.

This is where we can help. We have learned a lot on the best ways to tackle a wide range of publishing problems; how to structure applications and more importantly what pitfalls to avoid. Let us pass on some of this expertise to make sure your project is and continues to be successful.

We can be on-call, offering support to your developers by answering questions, providing useful code snippets and help them understand how Flash works. We also have a few in-house development tools that we can use to track down any bugs or problems in the Flash files generated by your application.


I came across Flagstone after abandoning several other Flash libraries, due to lack of support and expensive support fees. To this day, Flagstone has constantly provided me with help in understanding Flash, Java and the Flagstone libraries. Many times they not only provided examples of how to do things, but reviewed my code to help me debug. Only with this type of support was I was able to get our project off the ground quickly.

- Ven Reddy, DuoVu