Launch and edit a swf in JPanel

Questions on how to use Transform SWF.

Launch and edit a swf in JPanel

Postby Yopii » Sun Nov 01, 2009 3:05 pm

Hi, I am French and I do not speak English very well, please excuse me therefore errors which I would make!!

I would like to know if one was possible throw SWF in JPANEL with Transform, because I have a plan in mind which will consist to be able to open SWF in an application popular dance, they SWF in one would be chosen list, then it would be possible to play it easy, because the file would be safeguarded on the pc in a file!!

Then I would have liked, to put one puts a system of maintenance, but I know about it in no way if it is possible...
In fact I thought that it would be necessary to recover variable of the swf at instant given, then to safeguard them in a file of course!!
Then in the next opening of SWF, it would be possible to load the part where they had stopped!!

For this I think to use just the API Transform to edit SWF, to initialize variable then to safeguard him again in SWF to open him!!

Therefore, if somebody could say to me if it is possible to all this!!
Especially the part to safeguard because having opened everything SWF is very interesting but after very am enough that I use a navigator and hop this will work!!

I thank you beforehand and grieved for my English not very clean!!
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Re: Launch and edit a swf in JPanel

Postby smackay » Mon Nov 02, 2009 7:59 am

I have used Quicktime for Java,, from Apple to play SWF files in JPanels. It works well though there is only support for Flash 5 (last time I checked) and it does not execute actionscript.

For storing information in the Flash file there are several ways you could do this:

1. Use Translate to add a simple gotoFrame() action in the first frame. That would effectively work as a bookmark allowing you to save the frame last viewed - however I am not sure how to get information on the current position in the movie from swf back to Java. I do not have the quicktime documentation available so the solution might be simple.

2. Store your parameters in the serial number (FSSerialNumber). This object can store strings of any length so it is easy to save information in a text friendly format such as Java properties or JSON.

You might want to consider displaying the flash files using the standalone Flash Player. This displays the flash file in a separate window but you are able to display any version with any kind of actionscript. You should be able to control the player using the Javascript interface (FSCommand) - though I have not tried this and I do not know whether it is possible using the standalone player instead of the browser plugin.


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