how to do a tootip effect in a FSSContructObject ?

Questions on how to use Transform SWF.

how to do a tootip effect in a FSSContructObject ?

Postby zegildo » Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:06 pm

Hi, first of all, I´m Brazilian and dont speak English very well then forgive my mistakes with English :).

Well, I´m developing a web framework iGIS (Internet Geographic Aplication System) and we need to show the images in vector format. We have achieved to do for SVG format, but, I was amazed with flash tecnology, the files genereted are very small.
We´ve tested many library that has the purpose of generating swf, and lately we using your libary.

I´ve read all docs but I didnt find a complet exemple showing the use of events and actions...
I need to do a tooltip effect of many FSShapeContruct objetcts, but unfortunately I´m not achieving.

If you can show me the way...
Tanks, God bless U.
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